16 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Human being is a two-faced "creature"

Sezen Aksu, Turkish famous songwriter and composer, expresses her opinion about human on the song that she wrote “Kibir (Arrogance)” with the following sentence; “Human is strange, what a rough. Gosh! He is both a masterpiece and a primitive.” It’s such a sentence that depicts the two-facedness of human, who can also be an incredible being, and also a primitive living. In fact we, as a human, prove this fact everyday.

Questions of aggression and misunderstanging such as, “Why two-faced, what’s the problem?! Aren’t you also a human? Two-facedness of what?” might pop up in the mind if it said that human is a creature. But in my opinion, this is a very clear and logical description.

First of all, human is unsatisfied and insatiable; always hungry because of his state of nature. He is a living that always asks for more. Have you ever seen a person that can easily say “This is enough for me, I shouldn’t ask for more”? I’m not saying they don’t exist, they actually ‘do’ exist; but they are a minority if compared to the ones who are unsatisfied. We achieve something, and without the joy of having it, we look for more, and we forget to be satisfied of what we have just achieved. So human being is two-faced.

If we approach from a different standpoint, human is two-faced, yet again; he is a creature that can say “black” to what he’d said “white” before. Only the ones who could decipher the meaning of life from birth say “white” to what is “white”. Otherwise, since the value of what we accept and support changes day by day, which one of us can stand for the same thought?

Unless be able to decipher the true meaning of life and existence, human being will keep being two-faced; he will accept what he once ignored (or he’ll think he accepts), he won’t express his inner conflict to the outside and he’ll keep being full in his inside, and null to the outside- or vice versa.

Why is he a “creature”, then? Creature is a living being that is “created”. Human is actually a living organism that can think, decide, and a being that can act according to these; but, as luck would have it, he looks so much like a creature that “is a term to describe unlikely living organism”... Which one of us could have ever be able to get use to each other so as to call him or her a human?

- Hi, my name is David. What is yours?
- Thomas.
- I’m so glad to meet you.
- Hmmm… Who are you from?
- The Clovers.
- Rack off! I don’t like them!
- But why-
- I said rack off! We can’t agree with each other.
- But the government is bla bla bla recent days, also the precepts of life, the changing world order etc…
- Oh, why didn’t you say so? Let’s chat!
- But it was different a minute ago, what has changed?
- That’s just the life as it is…

It’s not true to define two-facedness of human as liar or fickle in general. We can explain it more like a mealy-mouthed being. And the weird thing is that we can’t change or fix this, as it is the state of nature, and the true meaning of creature, of mankind; he has to be a masterpiece, and a primitive being at the same time in order to survive, to create his identity, his two-faced identity; both him and not him. He only has the chance to balance this two-facedness by defining himself, and by giving the meaning of himself, that’s all.

Human being keeps his two-facedness while living like seasons; becoming sunny today and partly cloudy tomorrow, cold the other day and having a spring weather the following day. We are two-faced if we hate something even if we liked ten minutes ago.

Which one of us is very much of openhearted and man of his word? If we see a mistake of one, we don’t bother to warn and correct them, we lie, and when our lie is exposed, we become two-faced; the one whose thoughts and words don’t match. But there’s an occasion about the ones who discover their mistake while they find others’ mistake, but applauses for the ones who can do this!

In conclusion, let’s remember the definition on Shakespeare’s play “The Hamlet”: Human has two sides; inside and outside, outlook and inner reality. As much as the outlook is deceiving, that much the inner is real and hurtful. Then;

- How are you?
- Same as Hamlet.
- You two-faced…
- Your kindness.

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